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    3M Blackout WideScreen Edge-to-Edge Laptop Privacy Filter 14inch Ref PF140W9E

    Product Code: 150345

    • You will see the information on your display while people on either side see a darkened screen.
    • Designed to fit screens that extend edge to edge.
    • 3M's thinnest privacy filter maintains the display's touch functionality.
    • Optimized viewing experience for high resolution displays.
    • Minimizes distracting screen glare and mirror like reflections in office environments.
    • Includes easy-to-use attachment method.
    • Lightweight, thin, frameless design.
    • Helps protect display from dirt, debris and scratches.
    • Helps reduce the appearance of smudges and fingerprints.
    • Great for maintaining screen privacy in high traffic areas such as open work spaces, airports, airplanes, commuter trains, coffee shops and other public places.

    Inc. VAT £112.48

Product Details

General Information

Colour Black
Manufacturer 3M
Widescreen Yes
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Privacy Filter Yes
Screen Size 14.0in
Touch Compatibility Yes
Frameless Yes
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Anti-Glare Yes
Anti-Reflection No
AntiGlare Yes

Product Information

Brand 3M
Type Screen Filters


3M’s thinnest privacy filter helps keep confidential information private while maintaining the display's touch functionality and providing an optimized viewing experience for high resolution, edge–to-edge displays. Whether you’re working in an open office floorplan, on a plane, on a train, or at a coffee shop, viewers from either side of your laptop will see a darkened screen, helping keep your information secure and out of sight. Your display is not only vulnerable to visual hacking, but it’s also exposed to elements such as debris, dirt, and scratches. 3M™ Privacy Filters help protect your laptop’s display from these elements as well as help minimize screen glare, fingerprints and reflections for an enhanced viewing experience.

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